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BlackSwift Walking Sticks:
The Ultimate Blend of Speed and Power.


Our Raven and Raptor models are super-light, fast and strong. Pound-for-pound nothing hits faster and harder. They are extremely durable and withstand strikes from even a baseball bat. Proven with martial artists and self-defense experts. Great protection in two elegantly tapered, pleasure-to-carry walking sticks.

Our Blackswift-SL model is designed for ultimate lightness. An excellent stick for separation from aggressors, this model is not made for hard impact training.



Light, fast, strong!
Great stopping power!


Same outstanding performance
with a MaceHead tm handle!


Super-Lightweight walking


Our sticks are fast and forceful yet look and feel appropriate anywhere. Fine for airline flights, they are your self-defense answer when traveling too. Optional wrist lanyard of mil-spec 550 paracord included with each stick.


All models are $65.95 + shipping and handling.



Our LeverMax tm Handle is modeled from an ultra-tough polymer that transfers maximum energy on impact. The semi-ball shape feels natural in your hand and the mottled matte-finish provides a slip and mar resistant grip. The flat "leverage surface" where the handle joins the shaft works like the end of a baseball bat. It gives you greater control and leverage to hit with the force of a much heavier stick.

Our new MaceHead tm handle is the same basic design molded from the same ultra-tough polymer. It has been enhanced with six flanges of a medieval knight's mace.


Raven and Raptor shafts are the same, made solid, super tough, premium fiberglass.They are light but dense for speed, strength and impact power.They stand up to the hardest, most intense self defense training and withstand all impact weapons

The BlackSwift-SL shaft is a hollow, carbon fiber composite design for ultimate lightness. Good for separation from aggressors, not designed for hard impact training.



Our tips are molded from pure polyurethane which has a wear resistance greater than steel. Polyurethane's high density adds to our tip's impact force.

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