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BlackSwift-SL, Super-Light Walking Companion:

Raven, Hard-Hitting Elegance!



I have been a martial arts instructor for 33 years. The Raven is the right blend of speed, power and style. Its non-threatening appearance combined with its ability to hit fast and hard has made it my favorite go-to stick for street carry

Jerry, LA

I am a police officer and former Marine living and working in a tough neighborhood. I find the Raven's speed and power excellent for personal self-defense. It is also very good for normal day-to-day walking stick purposes.

Michael, UK

The Raven is a high-quality walking stick that masks its outstanding self-defense capabilities. Highly recommended.

Angel, AZ

BlackSwift's extreme lightness and balance makes it excellent for walking or running. Great defense against aggressive dogs.

Kent, CA

I am very impressed with the Raven. The feel is great. Craftsmanship is top notch. It is everything I hoped it would be and more. Thank you for a great product.

Kelly, UT

Raven is better than advertised. I use it on my heavy bag and it's scary how fast and hard it hits. Tremendous force in a concentrated area. Beautiful craftsmanship in a really useful stick.

Dave, CA

Compared to my other walking sticks the BlackSwift is much lighter, looks better and is easier to handle. It has become my walking companion of choice.

Mike, NV

Even in my nice neighborhood I worried walking at night. I bought a Raven and now feel safe going out whenever I please. It's so light and easy to carry I take it everywhere. Its clean, elegant appearance never feels out of place.

Taylor, OR

The Raven is way ahead of other walking sticks with its quality, appearance and natural fuel. It has the right combination of lightness and strength to make it perfect wether I'm walking or doing my hardest self-defense workouts.

Graham, CA

Raven's design and workmanship takes walking sticks to a higher level. Great weight, balance and structural power.

Bill, CO

I want to say thank you. The Raven is exactly what I need. It has helped with my confidence in the neighborhood and I am no longer afraid. I highly recommended the Raven to everyone.

Alec, IL

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